Collective Bargaining Update – March 19-20

The ACFO-ACAF Compensation and Benefits (CB) committee met for the first time on March 19 and 20. The purpose of […]

Collective bargaining update: Committee appointed

The ACFO-ACAF Board of Directors has appointed the collective bargaining committee for the next round of negotiations with Treasury Board. […]

Collective Bargaining: Seeking Volunteers and Feedback 

ACFO-ACAF is seeking volunteers to join the Compensation and Benefits Committee as we prepare to negotiate the first CT Group […]

Last call: Support collective bargaining and claim your free ACFO-ACAF gear

This is your last chance to claim your free ACFO-ACAF gear by updating or creating your membership profile on the […]

Update on sick leave / short-term disability negotiations

As you likely remember, the FI and AV Collective Agreements (and others) reached in 2016 contained a Memorandum of Agreement […]

Additional compensation for Phoenix-related issues

We are pleased to announce that ACFO-ACAF and other bargaining agents have reached an agreement with Treasury Board regarding additional […]

Additional compensation secured for late implementation of the collective agreement

We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated additional compensation for every member who was covered by the FI […]

ACFO-ACAF calling on Treasury Board to begin health care plan negotiations

ACFO-ACAF, along with other federal public service bargaining agents and the National Association of Federal Retirees (NAFR), is calling on […]

Update on PSAC tentative agreements

As some of you have seen this morning, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) reached a tentative agreement with […]

NAV Canada Allowances Cyclical Review

Benefits and allowances for NAV Canada employees are negotiated through the NAV Canada Joint Council (NCJC). In the coming months, ACFO-ACAF will be participating in the NCJC […]

Issues processing $400 lump sum payments

As you know, all public service FIs will receive $400 lump sum payments in acknowledgement of the longer-than-average implementation timeline […]

Collective agreement update: Retroactive wage adjustments

ACFO-ACAF can now confirm that public service FI members can begin to expect lump sum payments representing their retroactive wage […]