Phoenix: Final impact study results

The final results of the FI Community Phoenix Impact Study are available for review here. This four-page analysis of the survey […]

Nov 17, 2016

ACFO Phoenix study captures media and PSPC attention

On November 7, ACFO released the early results from the FI Community Phoenix Impact Study, which confirmed our worst suspicions […]

Nov 7, 2016

Phoenix: Early survey results telling the real story

Following the expiry of PSPC’s October 31 deadline to clear the Phoenix backlog, ACFO launched the FI Community Phoenix Impact […]

Oct 31, 2016

Phoenix: No closer to clarity or resolution

The October 31 deadline has come and gone and Public Services and Procurement Canada has not only failed to clear […]

Phoenix: Information on claims process and more

Treasury Board has provided details on how the claims process will work for public servants who have incurred expenses resulting […]

Phoenix: September 30 compensatory leave cash out postponed

Treasury Board has notified ACFO that, due to Phoenix-related issues, the FI Community will not be subject to the automatic […]

ACFO meets with Minister Foote to discuss Phoenix

On August 19, ACFO Director of Labour Relations Scott Chamberlain was one of three union representatives to meet with Public […]

Update on Phoenix

Since our last update on July 13, several Phoenix developments have occurred. Firstly, it was revealed that two privacy breaches […]

Phoenix update – ACFO meets with PSPC and files policy grievance

On July 7, ACFO Executive Vice-President Dany Richard attended a Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) National Labour-Management Consultation Committee […]

Phoenix chaos: Questions and answers

The challenges and frustrations with the Phoenix pay system continue to mount and we are hearing from more and more […]

May 19 update regarding Phoenix pay system

Since our last update regarding the Phoenix pay system, we are aware that pay issues have continued to arise and […]

Update regarding Phoenix pay system

As you know, many federal public servants have been affected by issues regarding the Phoenix pay system that began to […]